Karivepaku rice / Curry leaves rice

Curry leaves – 1 cup

chana dal — 2 tbspoons

Jeera –  2 tbspoons

pepper corns — 1 tbspoon

red chillies – 4

oil – 2 tbsp

green chillies – 2

Rice – 1 1/2 cup

salt – to taste

Cook rice in 1:2 water ratio and keep it aside.

Roast chana dal, jeera, dhaniya, pepper, red chilli in a pan with little oil. Fry till they turn golden colour.

Add curry leaves and switch off the flame. Let the pan stay on stove such that curry leaves becum little crispy.

Once it is cooled, grind it to coarse powder by adding salt.

Take a pan , add oil. Now add groundnuts, jeera , green chillies ..fry for one minute. now add grinded powder and fry for 1 min. Add cooked rice and mix it well by switching off the stove.

This rice goes well with papad or fryums. I served it with homemade potatochips.



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