Baby Food – Carrot Juice

First of all wishing everyone a very happy new year 2011. Planning to start updating my blog atleast in 2011 as i wasnt able to update any posts in 2010.

Now i am planning to start updating with all baby foods too which i am preparing for my 5 month old baby.

Carrot juice is the first food i have started for my kid apart from milk in his 5th month.

Ingredients :

Carort -1

Peel the carrot skin and cut it into 2-3 large pieces. Put the carrot pieces and water in a bowl. Pressure cook it for 4-5 whistles. Let it cool down and then grind it in a juicer. Now drain the liquid from pulp and feed the baby with juice through bottle/spoon preferred.

Not adding salt/sugar as baby is only 5 month old. Start off with 2 spoons of juice and slowly increase the quantity to 50-75 ml.